Youth for Understanding

Julkaistu: 23.02.2011 klo 14.38

Kansainvälinen vaihto-opiskelija vierailee lukiolla ma 28.2.!

Maanantaina 28.2. meksikolainen vaihto-opiskelija Samia Barud vierailee lukiolla kertomassa opiskelijavaihdosta ja YFU- järjestön toiminnasta. Alla ote hänen sähköpostistaan.

"My name is Samia Barud, I am an 19 years old Mexican girl. Since the beginning of February, I have been doing an internship in Finland
together with my German colleague Carola Jochheim, 21 years old for the organization Youth for Understanding. The main project we are working on is to go to schools to present Mexican and German culture and the exchange experience to pupils and to encourage them to do school exchanges. By these school visits, we would like to provide the possibility to your pupils of getting to know more about Mexico and Germany. Hopefully, they will gain some new aspects on it, but basically, they should get motivated to become international by learning languages or going abroad."

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