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Ykköset kirjoittivat englannin 2. kurssin päätteeksi matkakertomuksia oikeasta tai kuvitellusta lomamatkastaan valitsemaansa englanninkieliseen maahan. Arvoitukseksi jäi, mitkä tarinoista ovat totisinta totta ja mitkä pelkkää mielikuvituksen tuotetta.                                                                                                       

Anu Hyttinen: San Francisco - My adventures in Frisco

Wasupp? I just got back from San Francisco aka Frisco. And let me tell you guys it was a hell of ride. I was suppose to spent a whole month there, but unfortunately I got deported after two weeks. :( I guess Trump is really taking over with his immigration laws and bans. Just kidding it wasn't Trump who got me deported. But anyways, despite all of this I was still able to enjoy myself and really get into the American spirit. Which basically means stuffing (vegan) hotdogs down your throat. But being the human trash that I am I think I adapted well to the mindset. You got to remember, that it's "garbage CAN not garbage CAN NOT."

I spent my nights in the Hilton San Francisco Union Square hotel. Normally I would never be able to afford a hotel like that. However I had just gotten a ton of money from a source I can not name, so I was able to stay in that luxury hotel.

On my first day I took an uber from my hotel to the Pier 39. I wanted to start my vacation with something fun and thought the pier would be the perfect place to see different people and relax. I even took a selfie with the seas lions, that were casually lying on the pier. They were almost as cute as my own little sea lion, Maya. (Just to clarify she's really a dog, not a sea lion.)

While I was on the pier I saw this really artsy guy. I badly wanted to take a picture of him and post it to Instagram. Unfortunately I never got the chance to ask him so I did what anyone would do. I started following him. Now I know this may sound something an unstable person would do but I swear my intentions were good. Well, now that I think about it I understand why someone would think that's a little stalkerish. Anyways it had been three days and I still hadn't gotten that one goddamn picture. I decided to give up.

I needed the distraction so I went and rented a car. I'll admit the rental place was a little sketchy, but the cheap prices just lured me in. I then drove my rent car to the Golden Gate Bridge. I stepped out of the car and the first person that I saw, was the super artsy guy that I had been following. I grabbed my camera and finally got the perfect shot. I noticed the guy was walking towards me. When he finally reached me to a talking distance he started going off. This guy was SO pissed at me for following him. I just told him "chill bro there are people that are dying". I mean, it could be worse. I drove back to my hotel. And by the time I got back I was super hungry and decided to get some chipotle.
I had to return my rent car, because while I was driving to Chinatown the car started to overheat. I took it to a car repair shop. The fixing was taking way too.

Aada Lampinen & Laura Kauvosaari: Our Canadian crusade

So, I went on holiday with my friend Aada. We decided that we'd go to Canada, since it has been a dream of ours for a long time. It was tricky agreeing on which place we'd visit first, but eventually (after rock-paper- scissors) we agreed on Whistler. Whistler is a very popular tourist attraction, mainly because of the magnificent Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. Aada rides a snowboard and I just ski. (Go listen to 'Mä hiihdän' by Antti Tuisku to get into the mood of this text) We spent hours on the slopes.

After spending a few fabulous days in Whistler, we decided it was time to move on to our next location. Since Whistler is located quite close to Yukon we took a bus there.

Hi! It's me Aada, and now it's my turn to talk about our trip of a lifetime. We searched for a husky safari and joined to three day safari (It was dreadfully pricy). We got to ride our own sleds and we had a wordless communication with the dogs. I started to miss my own dog so much that I had to skype with my family in Finland right after the safari. We both enjoyed the experience in the wonderful nature with the brave dogs and a friendly tour guide. We befriended with the tour guide and she promised to visit us in Finland next year.

We had also bought tickets to a music festival called 'Sled Island' which was going to be held in Calgary. We rented a car because I wanted to improve my driving skills in Canada but Laura was bit frightened. Anyway the journey went well, we were still alive and fortunately I didn't even damage the car!

So. After all this we were (and still are) pretty broke. We returned home without money, but gained so many memories. Although we left our hearts in Canada, something else stayed behind too. You can still find our fingertips in the misty mountain of Whistler. It was way too cold even for us. Better luck next time.

Lotta Kauvosaari: My Colorado adventure

This past week I have been driving through the infamous American Southwest. So far I have seen a lot of desert. My 1200-mile journey started in San Fransisco and will hopefully lead me to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Along the way I have been staying in motels that most likely appear in way, way too many horror movies. My brief stop in Salt Lake City, Utah was wonderful. The breathtaking scenery was filled with rock formations, canyons, forests and salt lakes.

The beautiful state of Colorado has been stuck in my mind ever since I drove past the exit sign. Or maybe it's just the food. Who knows! Anyway, back to the story. When I first stopped for gas in Colorado, I picked up a poster about the Mesa Verde national park: I knew I had to visit the historical site.

I think it's needless to say that the ruins made from some sort of sand aren't modern – in fact, they're from the 1200s. The area has a lot of interesting temples that each have a story to tell. I know this short visit will not be the last one.

Until next time, comrades!,_Belize.jpg

Markus Leukumaa: Belize

It was another rainy January night when I decided to go on a really long and extremely relaxing vacation. I had had a very hectic and stressfull year at work, so I really needed some time for myself.

In the morning I got off to the airport. I had watched the weather prediction for Denmark and it should've been warm and sunny there so I bought a ticket to the land of the little mermaid. The moment I stepped out of the plane, my eyes popped out of my head. Something indescribably bizarre was going on, probably an apocalypse. The temperature was about minus sixty degrees and it was raining blood and nails from the sky. So not an ideal holiday, huh? Luckily just before my knees gave in and I stopped existing someone grabbed me by my hair and pulled me in a helicopter. I didn't recognize the dude but I saw a pink rollerblade, she must've been some kind of a sorceress.

After all this, a major plot-twist took place. I woke up, and I found myself in a completely normal plane, filled with tourists. Some guy was poking me aggressively in the cheek saying he needs to go to the bathroom. Captain was telling passengers about the weather in Belize. I don't know why I had booked a flight to middle-America, it is so far away. Although now I was so tired after this short but extremely mysterious product of my imagination, that I just let the angry guy go pass me and fell back asleep.

In no time I was in a nice, small and cozy structure in Belize, which was something between a hotel and a treehouse. There was a private beach 10 meters from the frontdoor and the grill in the beach stayed hot 24/7, so my week there was actually a long barbecue party. No complains here. My activities also included laying in a sun-chair drinking a cold non-alcoholic piña colada, sleeping 12 hours a night, not wearing jeans for a week and occasionally swimming in the waves of that turquoise sea of Belize. I didn't even read my emails, check the facebook or tweet about anything during my stay. It was brilliant. I got fired though, I suppose I should've told my boss that I'm not coming to office this week. Well, there's always a new job waiting around the corner. And even if there wasn't, like Arttu Wiskari said, Finland takes care of its own.

Eveliina Laurikainen: My New Zealand journey

I visited New Zealand last month. I traveled there by plane. I was so jetlagged because the time difference is over nine hours. I wanted to travel to New Zealand to see the places where the Hobbit trilogy was filmed. They are my favorite movies.

New Zealand took my breath away with its amazing natural wonders. During my weeklong trip I saw for example snow peaked mountains, hot springs and dense rainforests. I also spent few days swimming and chilling on a white-sand beach. I saw some dolphins jumping in the water. I also took a lot of pictures.

New Zealand is famous for its adventure activities and extreme sports. My crazy friends told me that going bungee jumping in New Zealand is a must-do. After a little thought I decided to try it. It was the scariest experience I've ever had. The food was very different from what I usually eat, but it was still delicious. I'm sure that I will go back to New Zealand again some day.

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