Global Collaboration Day

Julkaistu: 15.09.2016 klo 15.23

Ylitornion lukio is takig part in the Global Collaboration Day on 15th September. The day started with a connection to the USA.

Professor Helja Antola Crowe from Bradley University, Illinois, met the school on Skype. She was interested in finding out what makes the Finnish school and its results so good. Our headmaster Sari Lantto gave her a few reasons like the democracy of school, the use of ICT and the education of Finnish teachers.

Sari was telling about the different international projects of our shool. Connecting Classes Across Continent is a project that is about to start. The school will have different connections to different countries.

Our first year students have produced a video to connect with the other schools.  Some second-year- students have produced a book for international collaboration.

Later during the day there was a Skype connection to Australia. Pen Pisani had sent his video earlier. This international Dot Day is celebrating creativity, collaboration and courage.

Happy Dot Day for everyone!

Mirjami Hyttinen
Global Collaboration Day was a part of #GlobE-project.

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