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Friday was the day all ICT-groups presented their achievements. In the morning the groups had a while to finish their productions.

Andrea Maricelli´s lecture about Tolkien and the epics made a distinct connection between different epics.

- A circle closes here in Lapland, Andrea Marinelli started when giving his lecture about Tolkien on Friday. - This unites my love for technology, Tolkien and teaching.

-The classics are so important because they talk about us. There are great similarities in all great stories. For instance, the story of Kullervo influenced deeply  Tolkien. He found the Middle-Earth because of Kalevala. Tolkien gives new life to classics in his stories.

Loneliness, good and evil, journey, honour, sacrifice, fate, meaning - everybody is called to a certain kind of heroism, to do one´s own journey in life. Hero is a symbol of universal human character. Ulysses makes a journey back home but the fate of Aragon is different. Tolkien changes the cyclic type of story to linear timeline. This comes fron Christianity.

-We have crossed nations, boarders. Yet, the questions of all human beings are the same. The fact of being mortal moves people widely and deeply. It has brought the thought "carpe diem", sieze the moment, while time is precious. You have to choose your destiny today. Right now.

- It is important to find the treasure in each other because we are so very similar, no matter where we live. The same questions and emotions touch us. In humanity there is one breath for everybody, for any age.

After lunch started the presentations of ICT-groups. It was marvellous to see how Beowulf´s story was told in different ways and using different methods.

Skillfully made settings! Interesting movies, expressive music...Beowulf became alive.

A moment of saying thank you! We are proud of you!

A little time to play football...

Thank you for this great week! We have learned something about literature, English, technology, each other and perhaps even about ourselves. 

Text and pictures Mirjami Hyttinen

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