iConnected Epics in Europe: You are the hero of your life!

Julkaistu: 28.03.2017 klo 20.14

- You are the hero of your own life, said Andrea concluding the different epics heard on the second day of Epics in Europe -week. There are great similarities in mythical stories all over the world: call to adventure, journey, supernatural help, challenges and temptations, crisis, transformation and return back as a stronger person.

Italian and Finnish students gave presentations about Homer´s Ulysses, Vergil´s Aeneid and Kalevala. The following pictures tell about the work of the morning.

- After all there are many similarities in all great stories. They tell something important about life. You are the hero of your own life, told Andrea Maricelli.

- You all have had great courage when you have given these performances in a language that is not your own. It is easy to see the work behind these performances, said Sari. Thank you for that! I can see your heroic jouney.

In the afternoon the work continued in ICT-groups.

Pictures and text Mirjami Hyttinen

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