iConnectED2, eTwinning: Practicing conversation skills with Italians

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On Thursday 13th December first-year students had whatsapp discussions with students in Livorno. Five groups were supposed to talk about the videos they had been watching. In the same time three groups in Pello were supposed to have likewise conversations. The purpose of the discussion was to discuss the videos each group had watched earlier.

This group was having their conversation in the lobby. There were problems in hearing so they tried also a Face time connection. 

- The idea of having conversations with the italian students was interesting and really nice. Shame that the execution fell short. It felt pointless to talk about pizza and weather. We would have hoped to discuss about the video and how it influenced us. It was hard to get anything from the call, since we had different videos. Our partners didn’t hear us properly. At one point the Italians started to sing, which was kind of funny.

Olivia, Elias, Kamilla and Vilja-Neelia

This group was working in another classroom. The communication was successful. 

-We had a good conversation with students in Livorno. The conversation was hard because of the students hadn’t looked at the video but we managed to speak about other things. It was fun to hear about their school.

Emmi, Johanna, Akseli ja Leevi

This group was using whatsapp but there were distructions in the connection so they also used writing to communicate. 

- At first we were a little bit nervous but when we got the connection it wasn’t that bad. Even though the internet connection didn’t work well we had fun talking with the Italians. We started using the Whatsapp chat and it worked better and was fun. Hopefully we’ll get to talk with you again!

Sofia& Petra & Ilona

This group worked in the corridor. It was nice to see how the students showed their Italian partners the snow on the ground. 

-It was interesting to have the discussion. It was difficult to discuss the video because our parners hadn´t watched the same video. It was very nice to meet you!

Lasse, Heikki, Milla, Johanna

This was the largest group so all didn´t fit in the camera in the same time. There were some misunderstandings about the videos but the group was able to discuss other subjects. 

-Our group’s subject was “10 best places to visit in Italy”. We hadn’t watched the same video with Italian group but we discussed other things, for example Italian food and Finnish winter. Everything didn’t go like it was planned but it was so nice to be in touch with the people from other side of Europe.

Ella-Riikka, Henna, Iida, Roope, Eveliina

When the connection was bad this group worked also by using only sound. In Pello only one group was able to discuss since the other two groups didn´t get any connection. 

The partners were seen on a small screen. Perhaps next time we shall use Skype?

Hanna and Mirjami were taking pictures and helping the groups. It was great to see how wisely the groups were able to solve different problems. 

Thank you, Simona Michel, teacher of Italian group for making this possible! 

Text and pictures Mirjami Hyttinen. Feedback from the students

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