iConnectED2, eTwinning: Guided Storytelling

Julkaistu: 01.04.2019 klo 20.40

Moday, 1st of April, was the day of real work on storytelling in groups. Aprillipäivänä maanantaina alkoi tarinankerronnan yhteistyö toden teolla ryhmissä.

Moday was begun by closer guidance to the guided storytelling. Sari explained what every group should accomplish: a story, pictures and a movie about the story. All groups would use Pages Book. Everyone can create!

Hanna explained how this storytelling would be guided: All groups would get the mood of the film, one item, one animal and one season to their story from Showbie.

Mirjami talked about the structure of a story. Stories are created by conflicts and hardships. Then the students started working in 12 mixed groups. Here are some scenes about the day. 

At the end of the day Aila, Hanna and the student board had prepared everyone a little meal of Finnish dishes. The vice president Saara is explaining the dishes here: Carelian pie and butter with eggs, home made cheese with cloudberry jam, home made beer (kalja), Easter dish (mämmi) and likrish (salmiakki). 

After the official program the Italians went to see Ylitornio Church with Mirjami. 

Teachers and headmasters were also learning from each other during the day. The teachers made a little trip to the bridge, too. Italian teachers crossing the border: half in Sweden, half in Finland. 

Kuvat ja teksti Mirjami Hyttinen ja Sari Lantto

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