iConnected and Talented

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The fourth working day was about Beowulf and ICT. At the evening there was the magnificent Epic´s got Talent.

Ada gave a lesson about the backgroud of Beowulf. After the lesson mixed groups discussed the novel. 

The discussions were followed by ICT-groups. 

In the evening the whole school gathered together with the guests for dinner.

Then the talent show started. The first show was a circus group. They needed also some boys from the audience along. 

The second year students had made a dance of their own containing different pieces of music.

Italians led the audience to rap and music.

Touching drama and amusing stand-up comedy...

Films made about the trip to Finland and Hans and Jürgen.

A funny Kahoot game about Finland for everyone.

The audience was captured by different shows which made all students move.

This show taught the audience the courage to jump. 

Magnificent music productions...

And the audience lived along.

All talents got green cards. The evening was great and the way the audience was participating the performances was amazing.

Sari thanked everyone and talked about the talents that had been shown during the evening. Everybody has got different talents. And it is important to use your talents. Sari invited all the performes to the stage.

Text and pictures Mirjami Hyttinen

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